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March means Spring. Happy New Year!

[I just want to make sure that people know to click on most of the multi-colored text to be taken to an article or video or other site. They are “active links” but I only rarely show the url (http://www.***). … Continue reading

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October’s What-is-Remembered-Lives Missive

As Wiccan and Faerie folk say, “the veil is thin between the worlds” around Samhain aka Halloween aka the Witch’s new year, so this is when we hold rituals to honor our dead. The annual Reclaiming Community Spiral Dance was … Continue reading

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Jim’s March Missive!

Hello Friends, Disbelief. I shake my head in disbelief a lot. Plus I sigh and feel a little tightness in my chest. I constantly wake up early, having fallen asleep easily but reluctantly. Then some thought or pang of awareness … Continue reading

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Jim’s January Missive 2: Political Moments, Laughter Balm, “Censored Voices”, Tax Resistance, Don’t Blame the Victim

Energy and aftermath of the Womens March Laughter Balm Join me in being a War Tax Resister “Censored Voices” Kehilla Community Synagogue Film Series, Sat.Feb.4, 7:00pm (Presented by the Middle East Peace Committee which I am now part of) Discussion … Continue reading

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Liberated from Storage: My Feminist Awakenings from the 1980s

Still a work in progress, my feminist growth. At one point, I recall the idea being that men can’t be feminists since we’re not women. I think that is a little simplistic and one-dimensional to be true, but patriarchy persists, … Continue reading

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