Support Jim’s 2nd Delegation with CJNV

 April 7, 2017

Dear Friend,

I am writing because I need your help. Last July I joined the Center for Jewish Nonviolence (CJNV) as a member of their 42 person delegation: Occupation is Not Our Judaism to engage in nonviolent direct action in Hebron and the South Hebron Hills. It was a very important step in developing the efforts of Jews in the diaspora in defense of Palestinian communities on the ground.

I have decided to join CJNV again, from May 14 to 22, 2017 for another delegation, this time with almost 150 people: End 50 Years of Occupation: “Justice, Justice You Shall Pursue”. I am coming to you now to ask for a financial gift so I can continue my work, here and there, that will be immensely strengthened by my return to Palestine/Israel.

Personally, the 2016 trip increased the clarity and impact of my organizing in support of Palestinian rights and independence. I have remained in organizational contact with people I met on the trip. I have conducted over two dozen report-backs. I have organized speaking tours for people I met like Issa Amro of Hebron’s Youth Against Settlements, probably soon to be another Palestinian, nonviolent, political prisoner in an Israeli jail. I have forwarded action items that have forestalled demolitions of villages, at least for now. CJNV’s partners in Palestine have been under increasing attack physically and legally since our trip. Their worsening plight makes me all the more touched and motivated by their encouragement for us to return and to organize more and larger delegations, even in the face of punishing repression and land theft.

I was convinced by their appeal, so I am writing my past supporters and reaching out to more family and new connections for help financing this trip and follow up. A couple expenses are a little lower this time around, but I really need to surpass my minimal goal of $2700. We all must be alarmed at the cozying up of prominent Zionists with long-standing anti-Semitic groups and leaders. I think the soul of Judaism is at stake far more than is our people’s physical survival. Please, help me take a stand for self-determination, justice and mercy.

Continuity and commitment are important for building trust. CJNV and I are following through, doing our best not to abandon beleaguered communities or leave them out in the cold in the scorching heat of the desert. As a Jewish American, I want Jews, Palestinians, Israelis and the whole world to know that more and more of us see what is going on and will stand in the way of illegal settlers and the brutal racism of the state that repeatedly turns truth on its head and blames the victims for the violence done to them. Palestinian creativity and commitment to nonviolent organizing deserve our full support. Rebuilding is their resistance. Clearing a field for planting is their resistance. Converting a building to a movie theater is their resistance.

Palestinian communities have asked for our help so I am asking for yours. If you have PayPal, you can send me money with a debit or credit card. Checks can be made out to: James Haber, 15 Mirabel Ave., San Francisco CA 94110. Thank you for any and all support.


Jim Haber