Here are two bios I have used recently. The first one is more activist focused. It was for giving a reportback about my July 2016 trip to Palestine/Israel. The second one is for being a certified Laughter Yoga Leader.

Jim Haber is a long time social justice organizer from the San Francisco Bay Area, active on a wide range of issues. He has been a member of Jewish Voice for Peace since 2001. In July Jim was a member of a 10 day, 45 person delegation organized by the Center for Jewish Nonviolence that worked with Palestinians in Hebron and Jerusalem and with rural Bedouins in the south Hebron Hills. Jim describes the trip as disturbing and phenomenal, a lot of physical work, and very educational as well as emotional. (Dec.2016)
Jim Haber is a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader. He began laughing consciously and regularly after attending a workshop in early 2015. He leads laughter sessions with seniors at Baywood Court in Castro Valley and holds public laughter clubs from time to time. Check jimsdigs.blogspot.com for laughter yoga event information. (For introduction at Aga Khan Foundation run/walk in Fremont, Oct.2016)

I also have been doing a lot of elder care the last few years for friends, and friends of friends. I’ve made new friends along the way, and more every day. I like helping people navigate technical support calls, or speaking with customer service. I find the right balance of patient and respectfully irritated, as needed. I do small fixes so it doesn’t come down to needing big ones. I help people problem solve. I clean very well. I’m resourceful.