Delegations: Love that Lasts

Answering the Call for the Center for Jewish Nonviolence End-of-Year Delegation


Yours truly by the wall around Bethlehem in 2005. Beautifully, painfully poignant murals are still juxtaposed with the official signage, leaving me wondering…

I missed the Center for Jewish Nonviolence’s (CJNV) spring delegation, but I am signed up to join them for their second trip pretty close together. I’m thrilled to go back with them, back to my friends in Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Hebron and surrounding areas of Palestine and Israel including, of course, Kibbutz Gezer.

Please support this important, year-end trip of mine. Honestly, I have already committed to it, but I still hope that my family and friends will appreciate that no one’s effort is solo, and I need help. I received a discount from CJNV through their scholarship fund. I’m asking people to contribute to me directly (see next paragraph) to help offset my remaining expenses or to donate to the CJNV scholarship fund (


Eid, Awdah and Tariq of Um Il Khair, with yours truly in Sumud Freedom Camp. New friends from 2016, together again in 2017!

I would like to personally raise between $1200 and $1500 from community support which I will then match from my work-a-day life. I considered setting up a Go Fund Me page or Patreon account, but I don’t do this often enough to bother. I don’t like Paypal, but I am set up with them. My email address should be all you need to send me money (with a brief note, perhaps): . I am connected with Zelle also through US Bank (forgive me), if you want to send me some money that way. Of course, if you want to help me in any other way (a check, or non-monetarily with a word or two of encouragement), any connection will brighten my spirits. Let me know if you need my mailing address.

We all need to do something, and this is my part, going there in visible solidarity. As you know, I think Jews need to step up, just as white folks can’t just be “not racist” and men can’t just be “not sexist pigs or rapists,” Jews need to stand up for Palestinians, and for their political and human rights.

New International Initiative from the Afghan Peace Volunteers


Kabul graffito.

I got another inspiring message from Hakim and the Afghan Peace Volunteers. I will never forget the amazing delegation experience I had there in 2011. I’m not personally, organizationally situated at present to join this project or be the one helping institute it with any group. I do think that some of my Missivistas are connected to peace studies programs and youth groups that could be. Many groups these days try to hold to a more focused strategic direction and decline collaborations that don’t fit exactly in their mission. I understand, but interconnecting our work is vital to combating intersectional oppressions. It would be wonderful for you to join their Project Partner by involving your school or university classes or your activist groups. You can also partner the Afghan Peace Volunteers by helping to spread the word:, Facebook and Instagram
More details from my friend, Dr. Hakim:

I write to interest you in partnering the Afghan Peace Volunteers (APVs) in the Relational Learning Project, a non-profit, educational project that seeks to document how people across the world are relating with the natural world and the human family.

For educational groups and institutions, the Project will be a useful tool to encourage curious, critical, creative, communal and compassionate thinking about today’s critical issues and crises. Participating students and teachers can enjoy a personal way of “learning and doing” by relating with people across the world.

For activists, the Project will provide useful data and documentation to advocate for concrete policy change that will match current Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices reflected in the Project Survey, and for their groups to improve their organizing, actions and programs. Participants can enjoy a personal way of “learning and doing” by relating with people across the world.

The Afghan Peace Volunteers have started this Project because they feel a pressing need to actively develop the science of relationships so that they can heal ourselves, pursue deeper and more meaningful relationships, and contribute to resolving the current crises of global warming, inequalities and wars.


An Afghan Peace Volunteer banner from 2011.

The Project consists of:

  1. An online Knowledge, Attitudes, Practices Survey on relationships for anyone 13 years and above.
  2. Optional online conversations called Relational Learning Circles ( via Zoom, Skype or other chat platforms ) among participants from different countries who are 18 years and above

These online conversations provide opportunities for diverse people to ask, listen, relate and learn from one another. They have created three very short Project videos so far, with more to come:
#We Want to Know You Too! Relational Learning Project
From Afghanistan, Like You, I Am a Human Too!
Send Your “Humans to Other Humans” Selfie Video to the World

Kings Bay Plowshares 7 Convicted in Typically Unjust Process


Six of the Kings Bay Plowshares on stage with a picture of the seventh, sharing a priestly blessing the night before their brief trial started on Oct. 21.

I was honored and touched to attend the pre-trial hearing in August for my friends who symbolically acted to disarm the Trident submarine base in southeast Georgia. The judge, as is typical in such cases, did not let them present an honest defense which would probably result in many hung juries if not outright acquittals for many such cases. I wasn’t able to attend their trial from October 21 to 24. It was a kangaroo court. Their sentencing isn’t for a couple months. We’re hoping for “time served.” From the remarks of Steve Kelly, read at the Festival of Hope held in Brunswick, Georgia the night before the start of the trial:


Fr. Steve Kelly, sj

Eighteen months after touching these idols, and mounting inconveniences, we find ourselves accused of crimes and going to trial. Thanks to your support and presence here and a generous legal team, we still have heart for this witness.

We engage the judiciary in the courtroom, one of the more dangerous rooms in the Pentagon. The judiciary at the District, Appellate Circuit and Supreme level have precluded truth telling in the courtroom so that in the words of Daniel Berrigan, a nuclear holocaust will be legal.

And here’s Eamon from early November in DC!

More pics to follow soon as they’re visiting the Bay Area from 11/14 to 11/19. If you are in the Bay Area this Sunday, join us all (including my sister Chava) in the Blue Oak Cafe at the California Museum of Oakland. We’ll be holding court there from 11 to 3. They have some great exhibits, and the food is good. No admission or purchase required. I hadn’t taken many pictures until the morning I was leaving. Catching Eamon when they awaken is often a stunningly hilarious affair as you can see from the two slideshow sets.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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