Justice! Not Just Us!

Justice_Not_Just_UsThis is my go-to sign these days. It may not work for everyone, but as a Jewish male with white skin privilege, it is kind of a trifecta of messaging:

  • As a man against patriarchy, I say, “Justice! Not Just Us!”
  • As a U.S. citizen with white skin privilege, I say, “Justice! Not Just Us!”
  • As a Jew against the worsening efforts by the United States and my people Israel to wipe out all memory of anything and anyone Palestinian–Yes. The intent is that bad and far-reaching.–I say, “Justice! Not Just Us!”

On July 12, Lights of Liberty actions took place all over the world on behalf of refugees and asylum seekers who face dire, deadly conditions in US created concentration camps. My contribution was to participate with The Trump Dis-Organization playaz, also fondly called the Grublerettes in “funn-ed,” not feigned, deference to our director/producer Jeff Grubler. Playing Satan honoring Trump and Kim with the “OH HELL PLEASE PRIZE” felt right, but I think playing Betsy DeVos before the 2017 women’s march remains my high point with the group.

I may yet reprise my adaptation of “Two wrongs don’t make a right” sign as well as my bloody shrouds, that say “HUMANITY,” “GAZA” and “JUSTICE.”

Let “The Squad” Know They Speak for You

Ayana Pressley, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar need to know they aren’t alone, that somehow, we have their backs, that many people don’t think they’re crazy at all. I wonder if dubbing them “The Squad” is mean to make them seem isolated from everyone else? So great to see Rep. John Lewis co-initiate HRes 496 (good bill) which will protect the right to boycott in general. We all need to implore our representatives to vote FOR HRes 496 and AGAINST HRes 246 (bad bill) which would specifically make it illegal to boycott Israel.

Our only hope is that the squad is really a whole team. I just got a message encouraging people to call their offices with supportive words. They need to hear that they do indeed represent lots of people (inside and outside of their districts) and that we support their stands for truth and justice. Make these quick, simple calls, please: Pressley 202-225-5111   Omar 202-225-4755   Tlaib:  202-225-5126   Ocasio-Cortez: 202-225-3965. May God bless them and keep them safe.

Vote Buttar against Pelosi!

Image result for shahid buttar imagesNancy Pelosi has got to go, or she needs to stop mocking and belittling her opposition from the progressive left. If she could argue without doing that, I would be less disheartened by her though she has promulgated many lies of war over the years. Her pragmatism isn’t principled, and she doesn’t represent San Francisco. I am not one to champion candidates for office, but I hope people will contribute to the campaign of Shahid Buttar and vote for him.

With California’s open primary system, Buttar just needs to come in second in the primary to be on the ballot in November. He should be able to beat out a Republican or Green (said with special appreciation to Barry Hermanson) and be the second candidate on the November ballot. Then issues and perspectives that would not get aired in the general election will be voiced. Buttar was close in 2018. Maybe Pelosi will stop ducking and mocking us. Seems like a must-do this time around. Buttar needs lots of supporters, even small donors add up in necessary tallies. Help push Pelosi to the progressive side of her party. She would rather collude with corporate Republicans than honor and “try on” her party’s sincerely progressive members.

The Consistent Life Ethic ISN’T!

I am for consistency, and I respect my friends’ varied beliefs, but I am constantly wanting something I don’t get from the Consistent Life Ethic and the Seamless Garment Network. They are against war, euthanasia and abortion, seeing them all as forms of murder and thus a violation of God’s law. I think they’re throwing women under the bus, especially women  who are poor or who are suffering as war victims. They act like if you want to leave the decision to carry a fetus to term to the woman who is pregnant, then you don’t really respect the value of all life. Where are the Consistent Life efforts in support of contraception? How evident is their compassion for victims of rape or incest? Is the cry for all life to matter actually so wide that it amounts to all sperms deserve a chance? Demonstrating against war isn’t enough.

Georgia almost took a page from El Salvador’s playbook and criminalized a woman  who miscarried. The US government stymies humanitarian missions designed to help women especially victimized by misogyny and rape as a weapon of war. “Me, too!” after “me too!” story is retold and somehow brushed aside. Women need to have control over their own bodies and lives and those rights must be respected and defended unequivocally. There is no other party who can justly take on such responsibility for her or any being en utero.

Open on Desktop

  • Afghan Peace Volunteers awesomely moving new video. Arrange to speak with them any twenty-first of the month for one of their Global Days of Listening. This month’s is focused on the necessity for environmental, social justice and peace organizers to come together as one.
  • I sometimes find my friend Phillip‘s ironic sense of humor a bit confusing, but this piece I thought was just fiercely, pointedly deserved.
  • I really want social justice activists to pay attention to nuclear weapons and oppose them at every turn. No nuclear weapon state should be able to threaten any other nation for work on nuclear weapons. The Pentagon has players now who want us to use nuclear weapons, so read up! As opposed as I am to missiles and delivery systems for explosive weapons, when the United States tries to rein in any other country’s military preparation, you know it is because they are in our line of sights for their independence and lack of fealty or for doing something good and successful.
  • At the same time, I was astounded to read in a Rolling Stone article by Tim Dickinson (author unknown to me) that “The United States has spent more subsidizing fossil fuels in recent years than it has on defense spending, according to a new report from the International Monetary Fund. The IMF found that direct and indirect subsidies for coal, oil and gas in the U.S. reached $649 billion in 2015. Pentagon spending that same year was $599 billion.” Of course, there are generally extras to add on to military spending figures, and explosive and supersonic airplane use add substantially to the negative impact of military spending, but still… And remember, the oil industry knew by their own research by the late 1970s that they were wreaking havoc on the global climate and could have found some other way to make their billions, but they doubled down on environmental calamity instead.
  • On the Israel front as well as others, I can’t express enough appreciation for AOC and Ilhan Omar as well as Ayana Pressley and Rashida Tlaib for constantly speaking my heart about Palestine. If you take offense or question the use of the words “concentration camp” or “never again” vis a vis anything other than Nazis and Jews, then you need to read this extensive SLATE piece about analogies and take my opening message to heart: JUSTICE, NOT JUST US! Thank you to (my) Rabbi Brant Rosen for saying this in Newsweek so eloquently.
  • I am repeatedly dismayed at what is supposed to be the media that isn’t in the fold of the crazed alt-right. I can’t usually stomach CNN or MSNBC because they seem to be playing repeatedly into failed paradigm after untrue paradigm after distracting paradigm. Please take some time and check out these comedic news commentators who deserve more credit like Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah. Samantha Bee and Hasan Minaj have been hitting home runs, but most people wouldn’t know. Find them on YouTube if you don’t have a television subscription. And read this Alternet piece about the Sunday news shows. SAD! SCARY! Fortunately…

Eamon is Seven Months Young!




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  1. Anonymous says:

    Can’t believe how much Eamon has grown in a few months. What a good looking young man. Thank goodness takes after mom. Just kidding dad.


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