Welcome Eamon Bua Sanford MacAuley!

Eamon’s here!


Eamon holding my finger.

Eamon Bua Sanford MacAuley was born on Saturday, December 8, 2018 at 5:41 pm at Reston Hospital, Virginia. He was born lovely and healthy by non-emergency C-section in a relatively short, straightforward operation. Gratefully, Lacy came through very well too. I was in the next room just outside the door while Lacy’s twin sister, Lorien, was in the operating room. I heard the first exclamation of, “Oh, look at the beautiful baby!” and his first cries seconds later. Eamon was wheeled out and into my waiting arms within minutes, Lacy following suit just a few minutes after that. The whole procedure lasted less than 20 minutes. It followed, however, a long arduous process of contractions, inducing efforts and fatigue, plus a long stint after the bag of waters broke. Nonetheless, as a fetus, Eamon never faltered.

Jim_Eamon_Crying_1st moments

I cried a lot too.

The baby weighed in at 7 lb. 14 oz. and was 20.5″ long. Significantly, his head was 10.35 cm in diameter, a bit above the 10 cm target for dilation most people talk about being necessary for vaginal birth. Lacy and or Eamon would have suffered so much more physical trauma (or worse) if a well-trained hospital staff weren’t available for a C-section. Eamon would not be as healthy today if we didn’t have bottles and formula to help him grow as Lacy and Eamon work into the most naturally productive feeding method possible as her milk starts to flow and his “latching” improves.

I am grateful to all the labor and delivery nurses and maternity nurses, midwifes, dulas and encouraging staff who are there for mothers, babies and families. I don’t think there are other hospital units where professionals openly speak of their own personal experiences with what the patient is going through so readily. I love and am in awe of my friends in the field all the more! I’m grateful for Dr. Hashemi’s deft surgical hands.


Sarah, Lacy and Eamon.

I apologize for the delay in informing you of Aemon’s amazing presence and thanking you all for the loving and prayerful responses to my last post. I want you all to know how absolutely beautiful and moving Eamon is and how special it feels to hold him. I am not one who “needs” to hold newborn babies. I gaze entranced at them, and prefer a gentle touch while they are in the arms of another or laying down. With Eamon, I immediately felt pulled to hold him close though, to soothe and celebrate his crying with my own. (There they are again, my tears, as I write this.)


Everyone at home together, at last!

I am back in Oakland now with plans to go back in early January. Our way forward is still coming into focus. I know Lacy has love, community and family there–much help, close at hand, ready for the asking–and this was her vision. I helped prepare their house for safer, more comfortable habitation. I was there to help Lacy settle in and set up her space for her and Eamon. I shopped and tended. I also soothed and comforted. I changed poopy diapers and was able to be at his first doctor visit. I’m not done giving and being there for Eamon. It is probably helpful also to be giving Lacy, Lorien and Sarah a little time to redefine their homespace with Eamon there.


Eamon and his remarkable Aunts MacAuley: Lorien, Sheridan and Christian.

I am grateful to all the mothers I know and the children who have taught me how to relate. Thank you to the fathers I called for council and reassurance. This is new, and I don’t want to analyze things too much. I do feel far away, and I’m out of Eamon’s field of view unless I’m right there. I still trust that he will recognize my voice and respond familiarly again to my deep tones with stilling cries. I am so looking forward to holding him again!


Eamon Bua Sanford MacAuley, day 3.

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10 Responses to Welcome Eamon Bua Sanford MacAuley!

  1. Diana Hartman says:

    Your joy and sense of wonder are a thing to behold. I am so glad you got to have this experience. There is nothing like it.


  2. Frances, aka Granni Franni says:

    Welcome to the world beautiful new person Eamon Bua.
    Joy, peace and much love to all the family and guardians of his place in it.
    Well done


  3. None of my biz, but I’m gonna just put this out there. Parenting is very difficult but — IF one has enough help to not be constantly exhausted — it’s the most amazing and rewarding journey of a lifetime imo. We’d miss you here, but I hope Lacey wants you to move there and that you do so you can be with your child at least several times a week. Worth it to feel/experience/give THE greatest love! After all, love is all that truly matters because, even if this planet is nuked to smithereens or climate chaos-ed to nothing but uninhabitable dessert and ice, deep love endures eternally. There’d be initial culture shock, but northern Va is lovely. Reston is near D.C. of course, so you might accomplish more of your broader worthy goals. Just my to sense.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. mrice12 says:

    Oh, Oh ,Oh! he looks already as big as a year-old little one I just watched while having breakfast/lunch in a Panera after a visit to my podiatrist Md here in G W Med. Center this am. So I do have a good idea of his size. Well done to all in the photos andJim who I presume sent them to me-too Love to all, Jim’s co NDE worker since Las Vegas -time together. Hugs, Megan


  5. Lorien MacAuley says:

    Jim, you will always be an important and irreplaceable figure in Eamon’s life, near or far. It must ache to be so far away, but in the course of a lifetime, here’s wishing many happy returns!


    • haberjim says:

      Your and Serena’s welcome mean the world to me. I melted all the more when, upon returning from the hospital with her little cousin (and new object of attention), Serena told me to take my coat off!


  6. Sally King says:

    Jim! It’s been years since we crossed paths, but I somehow received this missive and couldn’t be happier for you! The picture of you holding Eamon and crying made me cry! I want to send all my love and best wishes for the ongoing health and happiness of little Eamon, his mom, and you. I’m inspired by the courage and creativity you have all brought to this decision, and its beautiful result! Blessings!


  7. Rita Karuna Cahn says:

    Thanks for sharing this transformative experience. the pictures with the words are priceless. May the joys of fatherhood continue to open your heart. Blessings for you and Lacey and Eamon.


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