June 2016’s “Approximately Monthly Missive”

[I am uploading to this blog earlier e-mail blasts I sent out that I am collecting together now under the guise of  “Jim’s Approximately Monthly Missives.” In the future I will be posting them here first and then sharing links to them in the hopes that comments will come here in a more publicly engaging way than when I send them out via the bcc feature in my email. I hope you find them stimulating and thought-provoking. This one was originally sent out on 22 June 2016 with the Subject line reading, “Summer Update: Hebron, Laughing for No Reason.” -Jim]

Send Jim to Hebron
In two weeks, on July 6, I will fly to Tel Aviv, connect with my family there for a couple of days and then head to Bethlehem and in and around Hebron to help the Palestinians living there. “To exist is to resist” as they say. I’m in solidarity with them against the brutal, ongoing destruction of their buildings and fields by Jewish settlers and the Israeli state (carried out in some part in my name as a Jew making it somewhat personal).
The Center for Jewish Nonviolence that is organizing the delegation has asked participants to raise a bit more for the trip as a whole and to help us support our Palestinian partners. I was very touched by how easily I reached my personal fundraising goal. If you were thinking of helping, but then saw that I was doing okay, I am asking you to consider following through after all. We’ll be doing some planting and some rebuilding; we want to provide the supplies we will be using, and other ancillary expenses have increased with summer pricing and just because the situation continues to worsen and get more oppressive. So more contributions to my on line campaign will be very appreciated and shared with CJNV for use on our trip. So, if you were wanting to support me but didn’t feel the need anymore, feel free to contribute to my campaign and I will pass it on, or give directly to CJNV, but let them know I encouraged you to, please).

I am continuing to develop as a Laughter Yoga leader in different settings. I am hoping to start laughing with seniors where my mother lives and maybe where my dear friend Fr. Louis Vitale lives. I need to laugh. When I cry, I need to laugh all the more! This blog will keep you up to date on my laughter practice, availability and dates of upcoming sessions. I have one on June 28 in Berkeley! For more on that, visit my Facebook event: Come Laugh With Me!
And I can’t rave enough about the deep but dispersed laughter community I am part of on the phone (and in its FB group). The practice is open, non-threatening (it being anonymous if you want, and you can always just hang up), and independent of words and jokes. Check out Laughter Party on the Phone (with Celia and Friends)
“We have assumed the name of peacemakers, but we have been unwilling to pay any significant price. And because we want the peace with half a heart and half a life and will, the war, of course, continues, because the waging of war, by its nature, is total–but the waging of peace, by our own cowardice, is partial.”       -Fr. Daniel Berrigan, SJ   (R.I.P. 4/30/2016)
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