Remember Rongelap; Remember the Lucky Dragon; Remember Bikini

“Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants. If we continue to develop our technology without wisdom or prudence, our servant may prove to be our executioner.”
– Omar Bradley, Late US General
My friend Dress does the cryptoquip,Rivers_anti_Nuke_sign_jh and sometimes they’re very interesting, even spot on, like this one. Today is World Nuclear Disarmament Day, March 1.
March 1 is the anniversary of one of many crimes against humanity executed by my own United States of America. On this date in 1954, the US conducted its largest hydrogen bomb test (about 20 Megatons, 1000 times bigger than the bomb that incinerated Nagasaki). Look up nuclear test Bravo (or Castle-Bravo) in your search engine.
It was from this test that the Bikini bathing suit got its name, after the magnificent Marshall Island atoll that was blown up in the process, the bright light rivaling the sun’s. The people of the island Rongelap were downwind, and the record shows that the test could have and should have been cancelled due to the wind pattern that day. Instead, the people of Rongelap had to vacate their toxic island after playing in wonderment at what they thought was snow, but was radioactive ash.
The Japanese fishing boat, Lucky Dragon #6 was also caught in the nuclear ash and fallout. Their demise sparked the Japanese anti-nuclear movement that hadn’t yet existed due to the US occupation which had just ended, and restrictions on the mention of “nuclear” or “atomic” were also gone.
Near-human “jellyfish babies” like never before were birthed in Rongelap by women who weren’t even alive then and even years after vacating their island. Two years ago the US rehabbed a small part of Rongelap and has been forcibly repatriating people over their fear and concerns. The women of Kazakhstan near the USSR nuclear testing grounds have them too, as do the women, now, of Fallujah, but only since the US fired a huge amount of depleted uranium weapons there during the siege of 2004.
The government of the Marshall Islands is suing the US and other nuclear weapons states, not for damages, but for criminal wrongdoing, committing this and other crimes against humanity and violating their agreed to obligation to disarm of nuclear weapons altogether.
What is remembered lives…
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