Larger Questions I Want to Ask Right

I AM TIRED AND FRUSTRATED BY THE RECURRING, AND INCREASINGLY DIFFICULT, TASK TO REASSURE SOMEONE THAT I AM NOT JUST BASHING THE UNITED STATES OR CAPITALISM OR BARACK OBAMA WHEN I BRING UP DEADLY AND ESCALATING VIOLENT CONTRADICTIONS IN US FOREIGN, TRADE AND EVEN DOMESTIC POLICIES. If I see only the negative, well that harms mainly me. If you only see the positive, well then, the negative you’re ignoring will continue on its destructive course and harm on a larger scale.
Can we “Do-gooders” (loosely defined) overwhelm the destructiveness of military might with what productivity we foster and what suffering we relieve?
Can environmental restoration and humanitarian aid and institution-building adequately counter the growing impact of US and other militarism by policies such as:
  • Promoting regime change covertly as well as proudly and with full-scale war leading to chaos and more fighting?
  • Demanding exceptional exclusions from the rules of armed combat for US forces?
  • Demanding that US military operations not be bound by any environmental sustainability agreements like in Kyoto, Copenhagen and Paris?
  • Increasingly arming regimes that oppress their own people in undemocratic and violent ways?
I think the questions I am asking that left unaddressed lead to misery and war must be the first ones addressed. Why something else is good is secondary in this case. The wrong I am looking at needs to end, so let’s face it. The contradictions, the hypocrisies, the exceptionalist case-making needs to come later.
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One Response to Larger Questions I Want to Ask Right

  1. Dick ireland says:

    I empathize with the theme, and have the same reaction. Soc i al and military programing seems to demand a myopic if not blind beleive in western institutions, corporations, universities, banks governments etc when it is so obvious that it is not earned and breached regularly.
    I think it a result of two party political systems, win lose mentality, pass fail education, rhe most wins, etc etc rather than the collaboration, raise all the boats mentality .


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