When Palestinians…

If the Palestinian Authority decides that it no longer can participate in the Israeli charade of a peace process, a process that the overwhelming majority of Jewish Israelis rejects or refuses to stand up for against fronts of other violent, Jewish Israelis…

If the Palestinian Authority and its leadership decide no longer to stand aside as Israel expands its deadly, brutal “settlement” takeover in the Occupied Territories…if Mahmoud Abbas decides to stand with Palestinians in resistance to further losses of land, homes and national self-respect and decides to stop helping to maintain social control over Palestinians in the territories because it serves the interest of Jewish Israelis as they proudly and explicitly dispossess Palestinians more fully, everyday..To Exist is to Resist.

WHEN all that happens, I beg you not to blame the Palestinians for the ensuing increase in violence that will assuredly follow. Whatever failures have been committed on the Palestinians side, know that at least as egregious of wrongs have been carried out by Jewish Israel (and I must state the “Jewish” explicitly, to my personal shame; it makes me not proud or happy at all!)…

Don’t blame the victims for their resistance, for their living. Stop ignoring and dismissing the many, daily acts of resistance that Palestinians have carried on for years and decades and that continue to this day. First and foremost, the overwhelming Israeli violence must stop before you can justly demand much of anything of the Palestinians.

This reflection was inspired by this article I got via Michael Eisencher, David McReynolds and the United for Peace and Justice Activist listserve. Read more at http://www.Al-Monitor.com

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